Golf Laser Rangefinder Reviews

Do you want to be very clear about the distance to the flag before you hit? We all know that accurately determining the distance from our goal is very important in golf.

With laser-specific distance gauges, it was hard to judge the blows and strength.

These laser rangefinders send an invisible laser beam that points to the target and measures the distance in relation to the time the laser returns to the device.

The current golf laser meters are the result of many years of innovation: current models have an optimal reach, are much smaller and comfortable to wear and have come down in price in recent years. Here are the five most important factors that are used to rate a golf laser meter:

Scope. 500 meters is the range we need.
Speed ​​and precision when locating the flag.
Reputation among golfers
Optical quality
Size, materials used and robustness.

Guide to Buying Golf Laser Meters
What characteristics we will take into account:

Scan Mode

Golf meter
Most golf laser rangefinders have this feature that allows the user to hold down a button and move from one target to another while the screen is constantly updated with the distance readings.

This feature is especially useful when we are trying to go a flag stick to other targets. When you point to the area of ​​the flag, the laser meter scans the area and when it hits the object at a different distance (the flag) the meter returns a much smaller distance. For example, a one-shot scan reading could be 174, 177, 178, 176, 80, 172, 174. In this case, 95 would be the flag.

A flag is a small target to measure and often has other objects around (trees, for example) so sometimes the distance meter will oscillate between two objects at a time. A good laser rangefinder will tell you which one is closer to the other. The models of the brands that we will recommend here (Bushnell and Nikon) have this characteristic, known as Pin Seeker.


These rangefinders come in two styles: horizontal and vertical.

The horizontal style units are the flatter design and are gripped as binoculars. This style is generally easier to keep stable, which makes flagging easier to locate.

The down side is that they are generally significantly larger than vertical meters.

So if we are going to mount the meter in your golf cart or make room for a rangefinder in the bag, then the horizontal style is the best option.

However, if you do not want to be loaded, we can choose a vertical model. They are pocket models, also very effective but may require a little more practice.


+ Zoom = + quality? No. Instability is recorded, magnifying the distances, so it is recommended manufacturers and players to have 6x increases in vertical style range finders and no more than 7x for horizontal distance meters.

Laser Range Finder for Golf Tournaments

If you are looking for a golf rangefinder for professional tournaments you have to take into account the rules of the tournaments to which we aim.

There are certain tournaments that do not accept devices that measure factors such as slope angle, for example. We recommend to take a look at the rules of the last tournaments in which you participated or the rules on distance meters of the Spanish Golf Federation.

Top brands of distance meters for golf
Two great clear dominators: Bushnell and Nikon.

And a revolution: the Garmin GPS rangefinders.

Bushnell Golf Laser Meters
The Bushnell Golf product line offers horizontal and vertical laser golf gauges. Bushnell has recently upgraded its scanning technology, incorporating JOLT technology into its Pin Seeker (the rangefinder vibrates when the laser locates the flag).

Features of Bushnell rangefinders
Golf meter buschnellPinkseeker: It is the location function of the flag between nearby objects. Indicates which object is closest.

High quality tripods: The horizontal range finders have a sturdy tripod that is easy to mount and does not take up much space. Improves accuracy noticeably.

Angle measurement: This function takes into account the slope of the terrain. The rangefinder will show the exact distance to the flag and the slope in degrees. Available on the Pro 1600 and Slope V2 meter, it is not legal for tournaments.

High quality LCD screen.

Warranty: 2 years warranty, except GPS which has a one year warranty.

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